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Updated: Mar 3, 2022

There are lots of Work Management tools on the market, some of which are construction-specific and some of which can be used for almost anything. Work Management tools help individuals and teams stay on track and keep things moving, no matter your role. Make sure you are getting the most of your current software or maybe start the hunt for something better.

Here’s a quick checklist of features you should utilize:

  • Automated reminders and notifications. When a date is reached or a status is changed you shouldn’t have to rely on an individual to send an email about it. Let the robots help! Also, many people forget to follow-up regularly after making an original request, so set up auto-reminders.

  • Mobile app. Hopefully this is a given these days, but maybe everyone on your team doesn’t know how to access or update data from the mobile app.

  • Approvals. Managers are usually the busiest folks, so utilize your software to make it quick and easy (and mobile) for them to provide necessary approvals and keep things rolling.

  • Hot Item Dashboard. Create a summary view of tasks to help teams understand what is most critical right now. That way they won’t waste time or miss something important when digging through all the details.

  • File Attachments. Although your work management tool shouldn’t necessarily be used as a Document Management platform, it should have the ability to add important files to specific tasks, which can be easily viewed when needed.

  • Space for notes or conversations. A good task list could easily be used as your next meeting agenda, or possibly to avoid having another meeting. Make sure there’s a clean place for updates, notes, and comments, with date stamps.

There are great tools out there to make your job easier. I’d recommend looking into all of these checklist items and implementing them to improve your business processes. And have fun with it!

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