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What could be sexier than Standard Operating Procedures?

I’m sure you agree that nothing is more exciting than thinking about your company’s Standard Operating Procedures. OK, maybe not. But SOP’s are critical to the success of a construction business, and can make a huge positive impact both internally with your employees and externally with your customers. We are talking about your playbook, and how do you expect to win this game, if everyone on your team doesn’t know the plays and the players?

First let’s briefly review why SOP’s are so important:

  • Consistency – everyone does the same process, the same way, every time.

  • Clarity – employees don’t have to wonder how a process works or why it exists.

  • Onboarding – give new employees every chance to succeed as quickly as possible.

  • Training – live training classes won’t always be available exactly when someone needs it.

  • Efficiency – thoroughly evaluating and documenting SOP’s help bring out inefficiencies.

  • Changes – as you improve and make process changes, provide employees a single place to find information.

What’s the worst that can happen? There are significant risks to continuing to operate without updated SOPs. Risks include employee turnover, costly mistakes, wasted time, and customer dissatisfaction. I’m willing to bet that your company can’t really afford any of those problems. What’s even better is that creating your SOP’s costs very little, if anything.

Assuming you now agree that SOP’s are important, the problem is likely that you just don’t know where to start. I’ve created the “Build Better Ways: Playbook to a Playbook” to walk you step by step through the process and make something intimidating actually very simple. With 19+ years’ experience in the construction industry, I understand how most contractors operate, so we can jump right into the first steps. Contact me any time to learn more.

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