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​Every company is unique, with it's own strengths, challenges, and goals. We would love to hear about your company and discuss how we may be able to help.  Below are *examples* of some services we provide:
Technology Implementation

You can spend a *LOT* on software and whether it is a new software solution or a product you already have, if you don't fully and properly implement it, you are wasting money.  The problem is, you likely don't have anyone sitting on the bench that is available and experienced to make sure the implementation is done thoroughly and efficiently.  You don't want the project to take 2 years and you don't want it to be done half-way. 


Below is a simple version of the steps typically required to implement new technology.  We can walk you through the details of each of these steps and help keep you on track, and improve adoption rates.

Implementation Process Flow Simple p1.jpg
Standard Operating Procedures

Everybody on your team probably knows how to do their job (I hope).  But is everyone doing things the same way?  What happens when you hire someone new?  What do you do if someone goes on leave?  Documenting your best practices and standard operating procedures will help reduce risk, turnover, and costly mistakes.  But the process of building processes can be daunting and time-consuming. 


SOP Parts.jpg
Manpower Utilization


Are you using a big chief tablet to track your people and the projects they are assigned to?  Do you know how many people you need on staff 3 months from now?  Tracking your resources with a customized and mobile-friendly tool can give your managers a clear real-time picture of where you stand in order to best utilize your biggest investment - your people.  


Manpower Counts.jpg
Pre-Construction Tracking


Many tools are available for Project Management but often tracking estimating or pre-construction work is less structured.  User-friendly Precon Tracking tools can save valuable time managing your work and enhance collaboration.  We can provide clear custom solutions for tracking:

  • Project Bid Progress

  • Estimator Assignments

  • Value Engineering Items

  • Win/Loss Rates

  • Budget vs. Bid Amounts

  • And more!

Project tracking, KPIs, and manager overview dashboards can be designed specifically to meet your needs.  



Estimating Tracking.jpg
Warranty Management


Warranty work may not be your favorite part of the business, but positive warranty management is crucial to repeat work.  We work with you to design a custom warranty system to keep your customers happy and coming back.  


  • Request Forms

  • Contact Library

  • Automated Reminders

  • Vendor Management and Analytics

  • Customer Updates


Warranty Mgmt.jpg
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