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I am talking to you - the man or woman reading this, as an individual, NOT as a business owner, company leader, or team member. What you do makes a difference and hopefully you see that, but do you know what really makes a difference? How you treat people.

Whatever your role is in your company, there is a good chance that your job involves numbers. That may be budget values, contract dollars, schedule dates, safety metrics, production rates, lead times, retention rates, and the list goes on. If you work at a for-profit business, the end goal is dollars (nothing wrong with that by the way!). But as we all run the rat race, day-in and day-out, don’t forget that *we*, as people, are greater than *it*, the business. Treat people with respect. Create relationships that matter. Build friendships that can span changing jobs. Listen when someone is hurting. Offer help when others are struggling.

That might mean that you must slow down for a few minutes. Yes, I know how busy you are and how important you are and how many things you need to get done. In the long run, you will not regret stealing a few minutes of your day to listen to someone who needs to get something off their chest. You won’t regret looking at wedding or baby pictures with a coworker. Even though all those other numbers are important, keep in mind today that WE>it.

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